Offshore Trip in Motorized Wavewalk® Catamaran Kayak

Thinking about going offshore in a kayak? Sounds good, except that the ocean is a big place, and there are powerful currents in it, so your human powered vessel might not get very far, or get too far… without you being able to go back.
This is where outfitting your kayak with a motor starts to make sense, and by motor we mean a powerful outboard gas engine, and not a weak and insufficient electric trolling motor.

Here is a video that shows what the Wavewalk® 700 offers in terms of offshore motorizing:


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Wavewalk’s new boat is called the S4 (series 4), and it is even more stable than the W700. It can also take a heavier payload: –


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Good news: The new Wavewalk 700 series

Whether you’re into kayak fishing or you’d rather fish from a motorboat, and whether you fish inland or in the ocean, solo or with a fishing buddy, the Wavewalk™ 700 is good news for you:


Looking for a trailer-free, two-person fishing boat that you can paddle, motorize and car-top by yourself, without help from a fishing buddy? The W700 is exactly that, and much more: You can launch, go, fish and beach anywhere, including shallow water and places where motorboats are prevented from going because of vegetation, rocks, etc.
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The W700 offers stability that defies imagination, and proves that this 31″ wide, 80 lbs boat is much more than a kayak:



Full tandem capabilities (up to 580 lbs load), even when motorized:

My Kayak Fishing Trip To Mammoth Lakes

Went to Mammoth Lakes CA last few days. Took Electric Motor…but found out the small lakes I fished don’t allow motors. Will test out down here locally. I used Kayak and caught fish out of it. Forgot Camera the day I caught most of the fish…but got some nice shots of bow out on the water and snow covered mountains. No problem with the kayak at on waters 8892 feet elevation.
Mike Hancock

Lake Mamie at 8898 feet elevation in Mammoth Lakes CA. Beautiful day!
fishing kayak in Mammoth lakes, N. California

fish caught in kayak fishing trip in Mammoth lakes

fishing kayak in Mammoth lakes, N. California

fishing kayak in Mammoth lakes, N. California

fishing kayak in Mammoth lakes, N. California

fishing kayak in Mammoth lakes, N. California

Kayak Fisherman in California